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Oversee's Android POS system gives your restaurant a competitive edge in the busy world of the service industry..

Welcome to Your Stunning, Newly Furished, Custom Design For Cafeteria And Coffee Shop Zone.


Oversee POS screen design is unique in that it has been developed to not only be fast, but can also allow the modification of the screen to the requirements of the user. Management of your Cafe is now easier than ever, with quick thermal based reporting at Point of Sale, throughout your peak periods, this POS System will not only help the efficient processing of transactions, but will also ensure accountability of each staff member on every transaction. Access to these reports can be tracked via live web-based reports. Hence Oversee POS can be your essential partner


This cafe Oversee POS solution gives you all the features you need to provide fast and efficient service to your customers whilst also maintaining tight financial control of your business.